Chaos Online was first created on November 3rd, 2005 on it’s original domain The site was very limited — it essentially only contained two pages — but the main function was to allow fans of the 1985 classic Chaos: The Battle of Wizard to play the game online without having to download X, Y and Z.

The old version of Chaos Online

The old version of Chaos Online

I had also planned do my essay for me to publish loads of content on the game which I had experienced during my 15 year Chaos in which countries can you buy 180 pills zoloft without a prescription. anti- depressant|anti-anxiety. buy zoloft 120 50 mg 105.56$ in mexico prescription for  addiction. This never really worked out as I was busy with other projects, work and life.

With 24 years having passed since I cast my first Gooey Blob, it’s time to put to bed some unfinished business. Having recently gotten back into web development, I could not resist giving this old website a new life.

Chaos Online is being reborn to be the most complete, in-depth Chaos fan site, and I will aim to analyse the game in as much detail as I am capable of. I also, always, welcome contributions from fellow Chaos geeks, as sometimes building websites can be a lonely business.

Now, in the previous paragraph you may have noticed the use of the word ‘reborn’. This was entirely deliberate, as this website also covers and celebrates the various Chaos sequels and remakes, but with particular attention to the brand-spanking-new Chaos Reborn.

The original creator order baclofen online > buy cheap lioresal without prescription – f :: portal : buy cheap baclofen online – no prescription . Julian Gollop (bit of a hero of mine, not gonna lie) has begun the process of creating a remake of the original with plenty of additional bells and whistles. I have personally been loosely following the development of the game, but completely missed a Kickstarter campaign to fund the future programming of the game. For that, I’m sorry. But I’m here now.

Happily, despite my lack of input, Chaos Reborn‘s campaign was a success. Mr. Gollop, clearly very pleased:

“Chaos Reborn has been funded with just 34 hours to go on the clock. Thank you to everybody who backed the project and promoted it. Thanks to my team for working after hours to make the prototype possible, and providing all the art and publicity material during the campaign. And cheapest prices pharmacy. buy dapoxetine online . approved pharmacy, generic priligy dapoxetine 60mg. thanks mum for being such a vocal supporter!”

And rightfully so. In it’s infancy, Chaos Reborn looks really promising, with a lot of modern aspects being introduced (online play being the biggest and most obvious) without compromising the original premise of the game. The game is not complete yet, but the prototype of the game can be played by clicking on this link.

That about brings us up to today. I managed to purchase the awesome domain name find where to buy atarax pills online – how to purchase your atarax medication – best on-line drugstores – trustworthy and reliable stores. (as well as several derivatives) and decided to relocate the messy old page to a shiny new WordPress alternative. This will allow me to quickly and easily update posts and information about the game and it’s various spin-offs/remakes, while also being able to successfully operate my day job.

As previously mentioned, any input, suggestions or help will always be appreciated. Please make use of comments boxes or use our Contact Us page to email us.

In the meantime, happy nostalgic-gaming.