There are a number of ‘features’ within the game of Chaos: The Battle of Wizards which probably weren’t intended to be there when the game was developed. As Julian Gollop himself admitted, there were certain aspects of the game that could have been programmed a little better.

But in our do my essay for me opinion at Chaos Online, most of these bugs inadvertently add to the enjoyment of the game. Outlined are some of the bugs within the game, and what they do. If you encounter any more, please contact us so that we can add them.

Magic Wood Placement

Magic Wood Bug

Magic Wood Bug

There are a couple of areas in the map where, if you cast Magic Wood (or, indeed Shadow Wood), the normal rules of placement do not apply. Usually, Magic Woods will automatically generate, starting nearest the wizard and working outwards with an empty space between each tree, producing up to a maximum of 8 trees.

However, in this tags in thread: cod fedex fluoxetine buy fluoxetine online pharmacy with saturday. user name. tagged by. date. — clan template green, — default mobile  bug, if the casting wizard is situated in the second-square from the top-left, when casting he will be able to cast three of the trees in a row, which is useful as this halves the amount of time going between trees, and helps protect against enemy threats. Simple, but useful.

Moving When Engaged in Attack

This can be a very useful bug to exploit, especially when your piece becomes engaged in attack with the Undead. This move does not always work, and sometimes you may still be locked in combat with the enemy. To do it, once you have engaged with the enemy, press ‘I’ to go into your alternative zu dapoxetine clomipramine buy dapoxetine hydrochloride online en brasil roma dapoxetine hydrochloride in pakistan priligy ohne rezept kaufen  information page. Now, attempt to move to an empty square by pressing the appropriate directional button. If successful, your piece will ‘attack’ the vacant square, and usually move to it. Can be useful in getting around strong Undead or from getting out of a brawl.

Resurrecting the Fallen

This is a hugely powerful bug, as it works similarly to Raise Dead, except your new piece wont be Undead, and you lose an original unit. The way it works is that it allows you to swap one of your pieces for one which has been killed earlier in the game. To activate this bug, simply move any of your pieces (except for the wizard, Gooey Blobs or Magic Fire) on top of a dead body. On your next turn to cast a spell, select Vengeance, Decree, Dark Power or Justice. Cast the spell on the piece standing on top of the dead body. If the spell kills the original piece, they will be replaced by whatever the dead body was, but it will be alive again! Magic, eh?

This is really great if you have happen to have an Orc near the body of a Golden Dragon or Giant. The bug also works against opponents. Supposing I have just my precious little Giant Rat to a vicious Vampire attack, I can cast Decree and replace the blood-thirsty brute for a tame little ratty.

As well as this, the original dead body still remains in the same place – so you clomid steroids buy clomid can potentially use the same corpse for multiple resurrections.

The Power of the Blob: The Illusionist

The Gooey Blob has a couple really neat properties to exploit, too. First, let us assume our opponent has cast a Gooey Blob and that it is beginning to spread nicely. Now, cast a decent, preferably ranged piece like an Eagle. Then, create an illusion (so something pretty tough like a Red Dragon) and hope it’s not Disbelieved on the first turn. Assuming it survives, move in it so it is surrounded by as many Gooey Blobs as possible, and hope that it gets covered by one. When it does, salvage it by attacking the blob with your Eagle, and presto: your Red Dragon is now non-illusion! This tactic takes a little bit of practice, but is really useful, especially in complex games.

The Power of the Blob: Converting the Enemy

Firstly, check to see if you have any Magic Bolt or Lightning spells, as these are needed for this bug to work. We also need to have the Gooey Blob spell, and let us assume that we have a successful batch of Gooey Blobs blossoming before us. Traverse your wizard near to your sea of blobs. Should an enemy piece get caught in one of your blobs, simply cast either Magic Bolt or Lightning on the offending blob. If the blob is destroyed, the grateful piece is now all yours! And it’ll be non-illusion, too. Not bad, eh?

Do note, however, this bug works in reverse: if  you Magic Bolt someone elses blob, the piece will become theirs. So don’t attempt to free your own piece with Bolts of Lightning.

Undead Wizard

Another hugely powerful, if slightly situational bug is to create an Undead wizard. To do this, simply cast Raise Dead on a deceased mount, and climb on board. Now, even if you dismount, your wizard will be undead! Pretty powerful. The exception to this rule is if the mount is killed before the wizard dismounts – in this case the wizard loses his Undead status.


Turmoil in itself isn’t a bug. It’s a spell only reachable via the Magic Wood. When cast, Turmoil randomly moves every piece on the board, including terrain. The first slight bug is that Turmoil will not move anything to the bottom two rows of the the board. Not a big deal. The second is pretty bad though, as, if the game board is very full, using Turmoil will usually crash the game. At the very least the memory available within the game prevents this process from happening quickly. I’m unclear as to whether the second ‘bug’ is the direct causal effect of the first ‘bug’ (i.e. there was not enough room to put everything on the board somewhere else if the bottom two rows had to be excluded).

Therefore, this bug is included in this section as a warning: don’t use the spell if the board is too crowded, or you’re game is finished.

Moving the Earth

This exploit is quite situational, and hard to accomplish, but here it is anyway. If your wizard is in a Magic Wood, Magic Castle or Dark Citadel, and there is an opponent directly next to them, defeating them in combat will move you, and the tree or building, to the square of the slain piece. It’s hard to do as the game seems to use the attack of the Wood, Citadel or Castle (i.e. zero) making hard to even kill basic enemies. This bug does not work when successfully attacking adjacent Gooey Blobs – your wizard will leave the Wood et, al behind!

You’re Dead, Let’s Dance

This is a silly bug, which very rarely works, and has very little point to it. But I have included it anyway, as a note.

If you have an illusion piece, and it dies, it will not leave a body behind. This is factually the case, always. However, if you cast disbelief on a dead body, there is a small, seemingly random, chance that the spell will succeed and the body removed from the game board. The only times this would be useful is if you were hoping to prevent an opponent using Raise Dead or my ‘Resurrecting the Fallen’ exploit. Otherwise, just interesting to know.

Get Away, Foul Beast!

Again, very rare and entirely useless, but sometimes the AI enemy may cast a spell which should only be able to be cast next to them, at any square within their line of sight. I have no idea how or why this occurs, and it is only very occasional, order online at usa pharmacy! prednisone 20mg price . cheapest rates, cheap prednisone no prescription. but it happens.