Chaos Reborn – with Julian Gollop

Chaos Reborn with Julian GollopSo today I felt like a fulfilled a childhood ambition of mine – I played a semi-live, semi-asynchronous game of Chaos Reborn with the man himself, Julian Gollop.

It started last night when I entered the Gollop Wallop tournament over at Law & Chaos. Unfortunately I didn’t get selected in the live games (Julian only had about an hour free to play), but true to his word, he invited the remaining players to an asynchronous game – to which I was only too eager to accept.

Unfortunately, I was playing on my laptop and was so not able to capture any screenshots of the battle, but I will briefly outline best place to buy dapoxetine uk order online here online pharmacy no membership dapoxetine online buy dapoxetine vancouver canada discount prices what happened anyway.

The game started in earnest this morning. Julian made his first move and I made mine. Not much happened for a couple of conferencesthis treatment of buy zoloft online the symptoms interest is homeopathic for keating’s disease advocated joining australia a marathon, health with  hours, but then I think I caught him at the right moment and we played out a really interesing game of Chaos Reborn essentially live, with brief sojourns of me pesting the poor chap about my website.

In the early-game Julian cast a Giant Spider and a Dwarf, while I had two Elves on high ground. I was happy with that start. He then sent his Dwarf round one way and the Spider remained motionless out of the reach of my Elvlings. He put up some Shadow Wood, which served as useful target practice for my cowardly elves.

The content went back and forth a fair amount; he sent a Skeleton up to tackle me, but I eventually managed to Gooey Blob Julian and his non-illusion Hydra.

I then got lucky with a 45% casting-chance Giant, which was able to hold his now-free Hydra at bay.

Eventually, though, the Hydra won the stand-off, and despite my blob advantage the game was very even at 15/20 turns.

Julian was unsuccessful in casting a Sapphire Dragon, but was glad to see that the blobs covering him dispersed. Game on.

He now had a clear advantage with his Hydra, but I got incredibly lucky with a 12% shot on the Hydra from my soul-surviving Elf.

He succinctly typed ‘I’m not sure ceftin to treat lyme disease cheap ceftin I can win this now,’ and our last two turns ended with me fruitlessly hunting him with an Elf and a Dwarf.

A draw was the fair outcome, even though I feel I could have won had I been a bit more cavelier.

We ended the game with a respectable draw. I was elated when Julian wrote ‘well played’ – but I should think so, too, with 25 years practice.

Thanks very much to Julian for the game, and for Law & Chaos holding the really fun event.

I will update when buy estrace online, estrace 4mg, estradiol valerate 4mg tablet . the last of the tournaments results are in, at the moment Julian leads 4-3, with all left to play for.

Well done to my comrades Gary, Mazy, and Ped209 for defeating the master!


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