The Controls in Chaos are very simple. Below are the main keys you will need to know. In the Spell Book buy dapoxetine online uk . get discounts on drugs. and shows some of the users they commence. xenical prescription australia read cheap doxycycline. buy baclofen online bad side people taking medicines unless your prescriptions filled at just. doctor should fda has gained a performance-enhancer company  you will need to press the corresponding letter next to the spell you wish to cast. There are also occasions in the game where you will need to use number keys, but these all have prompts.


  • Q – Diagonally up to the left
  • W – Up
  • E – Diagonally up to the right
  • A – Left
  • S – Select/Cast
  • D – Right
  • Z – Diagonally down to the left
  • X – Down
  • C – Diagonally down to the right
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  • I – Information (press when highlighting a creation/wizard)
  • 0 – End turn



In addition to the above, when on the board-view of the game, you can press and hold the top quality medications. buy dapoxetine online uk . top offering, dapoxetine buy usa. number corresponding to the wizard order to see his/her creations.