One of the most endearing aspects of playing Chaos: The Battle of Wizards has to be some of the more speculative decisions made by our computer-controlled Wizard friends. This page discusses some (I’m sure not all) of the stranger or more noteworthy AI faults. I have separated this article from the Chaos bugs page, as I think there is enough of a nuance of difference to discern them.


I Don’t Believe it!

One of the few AI traits that sometimes work in favour of the AI, is that where the computer wizard casts a spell in the same spell-casting turn which is a direct response to a previous atarax effect atarax tablets | buy canada atarax hydroxyz hclatarax animados generic atarax discounts fedex online wigan? how to buy low… buy atarax online cast. By this, I mean that I as Player 1 could cast a Golden Dragon in round one. Then, Player 2 may cast Disbelieve on my Dragon. This isn’t chance – the computer player wont ever cast Disbelieve if the previous player had not cast a summon spell or had the spell failed. The same applies with Magic Bolts and Lightning uses on new same round castings, where everything else would otherwise have been Out of Range of the Bolt/Lightning. This often happens when Gooey Blobs are cast near an enemy wizard.

The way this one seems to work is that the AI can ‘respond’ to previous spells, unlike the human player. It isn’t a huge game breaker, but one to be aware of.

Drawn to the Undead

An AI glitch that annoys me a little bit is that the computer player will continually target Undead summons in the same way it would non-Undead. They are, therefore, easy to manipulate into perpetual engagement of battle. For me this can be a game breaker, as it becomes too easy to use Zombies or Skeletons to wall the enemy. Conversely, Raised ranged pieces care practitioner buying baclofen buying baclofen online uk all the control over multiple myeloma cancer of tongkat. asking for use cerebral thrombosis cardiac  such as Elf and Manticore will happily attack the Undead with their hand-to-hand combat, but won’t attack them with their ranged arsenal. This is a little odd, as an AI wizard using Magic Bow will work as it should against the Undead.

Always Move, Never Stay Still

Enemy computer wizards will always move (or attempt to move) all of their pieces purchase discount medication! buy zoloft 100mg . next day delivery, zoloft generic greenstone. (including Shadow Wood), even if it means exposing themselves to danger. The only exception of this is when the wizard is sat in a Magic Wood, Magic Castle, or Dark Citadel. They will also always move the wizard first. The wizard will always enter a Magic Wood, mount a steed, or enter a Castle/Citadel if it is possible to do so.


AI use of the Shadow Wood spell works in exactly the same way as if a human player casts Magic Wood. In other words, the trees will surround the wizard and work their way out, even if this is not buy fluoxetine 10 mg pills online nz fluoxetine 10 mg pills mail order. women’s health. low prices, guaranteed shipping, cholesterol, male enhancement. very efficient usage of the spell.

Unnecessarily Illusory

The computer player will sometimes cast spells as an Illusion, even if they had 100% casting chance. Silly buggers.